The perfect
digital Flow.

Tax relaxation for e-commerce and digital businesses.

Flow digital

Why fynax

is your perfect fit.

Tax relaxation for e-commerce and digital businesses.

fynax is a One-Stop-Shop tax consultancy group offering services tailored to the needs of e-commerce merchants and digital businesses. With highly specialized tax advisors and accountants fynax has introduced the perfect solution to optimize data integration from operating results on shop systems or marketplaces like Amazon and eBay to handle all necessary tax matters like tax declarations, tax returns and accountancy.

This is the perfect flow the digital industry has been waiting for – flow digital!

What’s really

Is not to evolve.

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While we handle your taxes,

you can concentrate on your
core business: e-commerce!

Let’s see if we’re the perfect fit for you

If you…

  • are working with a shop system
  • or selling on marketplaces like Amazon or eBay
  • are living and operating in the digital world
  • or even using ERP – Frontier Systems.

If you…

  • need accountancy or book keeping,
  • need someone to take care of your taxes,
  • don’t want to be afraid of hazards lurking with selling in Europe or globally
  • are looking for competent and personal tax consultancy for your digital business,
  • want to work comfortably and digitally with tax matters.


The One-Stop-Shop

for your tax relaxation

fynax compliance – flow digital with fynax on the biggest marketplaces


Aggregation of


All necessary data is collected directly through connectors to shop systems and marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, via our own API or ERP systems like JTL and plentymarkets.


Analysis &


With transparent analysis and monitoring you’re always up to date with a full overview over your business results and tax related statistics and obligations.




We efficiently handle all required tax filings in the EU and around the globe. Distance selling thresholds and used warehouses are monitored on a daily basis.




We take care of your tax accounting as well as payroll accounting and deliver declarations to fiscal authorities digitally – no paper needed!



The perfect
digital flow


trade tax

financial accounting

financial statements

delivery thresholds


value added tax

tax consultancy


Our Partners


Because tax consultancy can be so simple

Tax relaxation for e-commerce and digital businesses.

Fynax is the logical addition to the portfolio of FELIX1, a subsidiary of the ETL Group. Founded as an innovative tax consultancy, which allows online and with technical possibilities to offer a contemporary service for clients. For the rapidly growing demand for tax consulting and financial services in the field of eCommerce, fynax was conceived and implemented as an offer for this sector.

This new brand is specialized in online trade in national or cross-border goods traffic, whether on marketplaces, through ERP or shop systems. Above all, fynax offers the competence in trustworthy execution of these often critical tax reporting obligations.

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